7 Natural Treatments for Pets

Have you ever thought of using natural treatments for pets? If you have a household animal, then you treat it like a part of the family. And, as a part of the family, you want the absolute best look after them that you can find. Most people bring their pets to the vet at the first sight of any problem, but do you know that you can provide simple and natural treatments for your pets at home instead?

Even medication for household pets can have adverse effects. Similar to people, we want to reduce the negative impacts while they are recuperating. One approach to do that for your animal is to select natural treatments for pets instead.

Natural treatments for pets have many advantages, one of which is that they do not cost as much as pharmaceutical medicines. Secondly, they are easy to implement and they work just as well as medicines. If you’re looking for affordable pet care, this is a good way to start.

But perhaps you do not know of any natural treatments for pets. This article is going to help you with that. If unsure, consult with your vet prior to making use of any non-medicinal treatment.

Natural treatments for pets goes a long way.
Natural treatments for pets goes a long way.

The Natural Treatments For Pets

Skunk Odor

Domestic animals such as cats and dogs can enter a great deal of trouble while walking about in the woods. They will become foul-smelling when they get sprayed by a skunk. To fix that, mix vinegar and water together and rub everything over your animal up until the smell is gone. Remember to wear hand gloves to safeguard your hands from the smell.

Ear mites

It is important to keep the ears of animals clean. Utilize a mix of vitamin E and almond oil if you do find mites in their ears. Apply a little to their ears and gradually and carefully massage it in. Ensure that you have actually covered the whole ear and use a cotton swab to wipe all the mites. You can keep the mites away by using mineral oil.


Yes, even household pets can have a nasty breath. To stop the odor, brush their teeth and if possible, feed them carrots (if carrots are part of their common diet routine) to help with cleaning their teeth.

Scratchy Skin

You can prevent the desire to scratch the itch by offering your animal a bath in cool water and remember to include Epsom salt in the water to assist your household friend find the relief that they need.

Bug Bites

Animal skin can wound up being red and irritated from bug bites. To prevent them from scratching the itch, create a paste out of baking soda and water and apply that paste all over the affected areas.

Urinary Infection

An infection such as this is usually derived from bacteria. One approach to annihilate the bacteria is to increase the level of acidity in the urine by feeding your household friend citrus juices such as orange and cranberry (excellent for people too) to assist in decreasing their discomfort and reducing the infection.

Motion Sickness

Do not feed your household animal prior to take a trip. A stomach filled with food coupled with motion is going to cause motion sickness. Attempt putting your household animal in the front seat and leave your windows open up to let fresh air in too.

Consult Your Vet

After trying your treatments, do ensure that their symptoms are improving. If not, do not delay and consult your vet for a follow up to see if your natural treatments for pets are working as it should.

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